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Medallions And Pendants
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Angel of Luck and Riches

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." — Matthew 7:7

Listen for the trumpeting call of your Angel of Luck & Riches as he summons all the wealth you need to live the life of your dreams. Just ask him for his help and he will be right there to give you his blessings of abundant luck and riches. This golden trumpeter of riches features sparkling clear crystals that create a distinctive positive energy that only enhances the power of the angel itself.

To further enhance the power of the Angel of Luck & Riches are four energizing charms that symbolize the luck and bounty that will come your way thanks to the angel's miracles. The first two represent luck. There's the Lucky Horseshoe that's studded with sparkling crystals and the Wishing Star with its own sparkling crystal at its center. The next two represent the bounty that is in store for you. There's the Golden Money Bag that's overstuffed with currency and the 10-Oz. Bar of Gold. Listen for the call of your Angel of Luck & Riches as he summons up glorious wealth and happiness for you.
Golden Angel Wings of Miracles

"He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." — Psalms 91:4

Beautiful Golden Angel Wings carry with them the promise of heavenly intervention and the power to bring you miracles for a life filled with abundance and happiness.

The majestic Golden Angel Wings of Miracles have been meticulously crafted and exquisitely detailed from pure Sterling Silver that's then been encased in glistening 18k Gold. The Gold acts as a reminder of the "Streets of Gold" in Heaven. The pendant has a genuine Moonstone at its center that's significant since there's a powerful connection of the angel realm to the moon and dreams. Moonstone attracts love, luck and balance. The stone is surrounded by Swarovski Crystals that radiate positive energy and attract good fortune. The wings are most certainly beautiful, but more than that, they're a real connection to the realm of angels and blessed miracles.
Angel Seal Cameo Necklace Brown

Now you can connect with a force so powerful that it will surround you in a miraculous cocoon of protection and amazing good fortune. Not only will the Miraculous Angel Seal connect you to your Guardian Angel, but it will also act as your personal imprimatur, giving you access to angelic approval for the wealth that you deserve. Since time immemorial, the enlightened few have known the truth. As St. Basil the Great taught, "each and every member of the faithful has a Guardian Angel to protect, guard and guide them through life."

St. Bernard of Clarivaux promoted devotion to the Guardian Angels. For him, they were proof "that heaven denies us nothing that assists us," and hence, "these celestial spirits have been placed at our sides to protect us, instruct us and to guide us." Wear your Angel Seal to act as your imprimatur to attract good fortune everywhere you go: bingo, the casino, the racetrack. Place it on your lottery ticket and on your wallet while you sleep. Just let your Miraculous Angel Seal open up the doors, and you will soon see how, with the help and guidance of your Guardian Angel, you will reap great rewards.
Angel Seal of Success
  This is your chance to connect with a powerful force so strong, it will surround you in a miraculous cocoon of protection and good fortune. The Miraculous Angel Seal will act as the connector to your Guardian Angel, but at the same time, it will also act as your personal imprimatur, giving you access to receive amazing good fortune and success in your life. One by one your worries will vanish as if they never existed and warmth, happiness and success will flood your life like a fresh tide of sparkling good fortune.

Wear your Angel Seal to attract success and good fortune everywhere you go. You'll definitely want to wear it to act as your imprimatur if you're going to the casino or racetrack. Place it on your lottery tickets and on your wallet while you sleep. With the help of your Guardian Angel and the magnificent energy of your Angel Seal, success and riches will be drawn to you like never before. Just let your Angel Seal open up the doors, and you'll soon see riches begin to flow directly to you. You really don't want to pass up this golden opportunity. It's the chance of a lifetime to claim the success that's rightfully yours
As powerful as it is attractive, the Horn of Plenty is a heavenly symbol of inexhaustible abundance, riches and plentitude. Also known as the "cornu copiae," it's closely associated with the realm of the angels -- in particular with the Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Abundance -- and with a Greek myth in which great financial rewards were brought to those who possessed it.

The Horn of Plenty Pendant, a superbly crafted talisman made of .925 silver and accented with 18k Gold will help you reconnect to your personal angel of wealth and claim the success and prosperity that you have always wished for but that has seemed to be just out of your reach. The pendant comes with 4 Free Gifts. You need this potent tool in order to call upon the Archangel Gabriel when you need him the most. The Horn of Plenty pendant has the potential to make your fondest dreams come true, but you need it in your possession for it to work for you.
The Fleur-de-Lys, translated as "Flower of the Lily," is one of the most powerful symbols of the angels in the world. It has been worn and cherished by some of the world's most successful and famous people, including Joan of Arc, Napoleon and all the kings of France. Handed down to earth by the angels, it brings its heavenly force into the lives of those who wear it. The pure white lily that it represents was chosen by the Angel Gabriel to bring to the Virgin Mary when he announced the coming birth of Jesus.

This 18k Gold Fleur-de-Lys Pendant is layered over the purest Sterling Silver. It is highlighted with dazzling Cubic Zirconia Crystals that radiate the light of truth. The Fleur-de-Lys is one of the few tools powerful enough to be used in this time of economic difficulty to bring success and wealth. Historically, whenever a king, a saint, a secret religion, a political organization or an emperor has sought power, they've chosen the most potent symbol of the angels, the Fleur-de-Lys, to represent them in their quest. Now, with the Fleur-de-Lys Pendant, so can you
Because you were born under your astrological sign, your own special constellation can help you to tap into extraordinary powers. And the Constellation Medallion for your specific sign is the tool you need to do just that. Crafted of pure Sterling Silver (considered the most magical, spiritually powerful and incredibly protective metal on earth), Night Sky Blue Enamel, and Genuine Swarovski Crystals, it is charged with incredible energy to help you connect to the powers of your constellation.

All you have to do is believe in and embrace the power that has been guiding and watching over you since birth...your very own constellation. And the Constellation Medallion comes with 3 Free Gifts. The Constellation Medallion makes a perfect gift for those you truly love. When you order yours, why not give them their own Constellation Medallion as a way of showing that love!
The Angelic Magic that created the Book of Kells combined with 3 powerful symbols infuse this Amulet known as a Blessed Keeper with superpowers to bring advantages and opportunities to you. This Amulet is based on Blessed Keepers of the ancient Celts who were considered one of the most remarkable, powerful and magical people ever to walk the earth. These were the people who created the Book of Kells, with such decorations and illustrations so intricate and complex, that it's believed the Angels directed and helped to create it.

This Blessed Keeper is a full 1 1/16" square of pure Sterling Silver that's 1/8" thick. It features on its outer edges the 4 elements of power: Earth, Water, Air and Fire to infuse it with special energies. At its center are symbols created thousands of years ago - entwined spirals surrounded by an interlocking knot pattern - the powerful symbols of Luck, Growth and Success. Let the amazing Blessed Keeper Amulet bring you the riches and happiness you seek.
Known as the "Bird of Happiness," the Crane has long been a symbol of luck, prosperity and happiness! The crane has fascinated mankind throughout the centuries and this majestic bird has also been celebrated in legends throughout the world. Cranes became known as heavenly messengers in many cultures. An ancient Egyptian legend says that a two-headed crane was once seen flying over the Nile, announcing an age of joy and prosperity. With its habit of looking up into the sky, the crane became a symbol of ambition and high authority, and thus good fortune and prosperity. This Lucky Crane comes with a Green Aventurine precious stone to place inside this special bird in order to increase its powers.

The silver-enameled Lucky Crane stands on a gigantic, mystical lily pad that's a lovely shade of spring green. His lily pad is dotted with sparkling clear crystals. His beautifully detailed body is highlighted with a rich teal that's been hand painted on his graceful feathers and long neck. His head is crowned with a hand-painted oval of royal magenta. He peers out at you from two delicate deep green crystals that form his eyes. Every aspect of this Magical Creature has been crafted with the utmost care being given to every little detail. The joy delivered by this heavenly messenger is certain to make him a most welcome Magical Creature in your home.
Forged in solid brass and encased in 24k gold, the Bagua Medallion is far more than just an exquisite piece of jewelry. It has the power to enrich and enhance every area of your life. Each of the trigrams' broken lines (Yin) represents matter and each unbroken line (Yang) represents energy. This collection of ancient symbols is able to attract and transmit specific energies and information that surrounds us.

There are nine symbols on the Bagua Medallion: the eight trigrams around the perimeter and one in the center (the Yin Yang symbol). These correspond to the nine major areas of your life that the Bagua Medallion can improve: well-being, reputation, wealth, family, skills, business, travel, career, relationships. And the back of the medallion carries a four character Taoist blessing, "Chu-Zu-Ping-An," which means "may the bearer of this Medallion be safe." Become the master of your universe and in total control of all aspects of your life with the Bagua Medallion.
We've all heard that if you rub the Buddha's belly you'll get good luck. But now you can have that luck magnified 12 times over when you rub all the Buddha bellies in this set of 12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stones. Add on top of that the special energy forces of the 12 precious stones used to create these delightful little Buddhas, and you've got one magnificent source of power to bring you riches. Included are Amethyst for psychic powers, Aventurine for confidence, Yellow Calcite for prosperity, Clear Crystal for self-esteem, Goldstone for strength, Hematite for grounding, New Jade for wisdom, Rose Quartz for harmony, Red Jasper for justice, Sodalite for intelligence, Tiger's Eye for optimism, and Unakite for blocking negative energy.

The set of 12 Lucky Buddha Precious Stones comes in it's own beautifully beautifully custom made lavender presentation case, lined in black satin and felt. The set comes complete with a delicate 20" Chain so you can wear your Precious Stone Buddhas to carry their luck and powers with you. It also comes with a sleek Bracelet, so that you can wear them from it. Who wouldn't want 12 times the luck of the Buddha and 12 times the powerful energies of the Precious Stones? Bring all of this magnified luck and powerful energy into your life today and reap its rewards and riches.
Throughout time, the most powerful magicians and holy men have known that if you bless the main door to your home and use a mighty protective symbol, no harm will come to you. The Blessed Door Protector, created in the powerful image of the Golden Carp, symbol of courage and strength, can not only repel bad luck and misfortune, it can bring good luck, blessings and great good fortune.

Many cultures in many lands have discovered and used the power of protective devices to ward off bad and attract good. The Feng Shui masters of China knew the importance of creating a good flow of positive good luck energy into our homes. The Jewish people hang Mezuzah on their front doors for protection and the Europeans started the tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the door for good luck. Make the Golden Carp Blessed Door Protector your home's constant guardian.
Connect to the most powerful of all Angels, the Archangel Michael, with the Archangel Fan of Miracles. The Archangel Michael wants to watch over you and keep you safe and protected. He also wants to bring you his powerful miracles for wealth and happiness. But first you need to connect with him, and that's where the Archangel Fan of Miracles comes in. Fans were originally created by monks when they put their prayer sticks together as an aid to their prayers and meditations.

The Archangel Fan of Miracles, embellished with a hand-painted image of the Archangel Michael, can be a powerful meditation tool for connecting with Michael in order to receive his miracles and protection. This powerful angel encourages wisdom, excellence, and above all determination to reach your goals and embrace success. With the Archangel Michael as your guardian angel, your life will be rich indeed.
The Golden Year of the Rat is an exceptional event in Chinese astrology that only comes along every 60 years and has the power to provide unprecedented wealth opportunities. The Rat is imbued with many valuable attributes, such as adaptability, an enterprising spirit and the uncanny ability to spot avenues of opportunity that others completely overlook. The more you wear your Golden Year of the Rat Pendant, the more empowered you will become as these 'Rat' qualities become incorporated with your own unique character and potential.

Expertly crafted in rich 18k Gold layered over .925 Sterling Silver, this stunning talisman also features a golden coin emblazoned with 4 lucky Chinese characters symbolizing abundance, wealth, joy and happiness. Use these potent symbols to let the universe know you're ready to claim the prosperity that has eluded you in the past. Your pendant comes with 3 Free Gifts. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to benefit from this powerful pendant while you still have the chance.
The Buddha Family of Plenty instantly galvanizes the ancient secret power of Feng Shui to bring miraculous instant wealth. Thousands of years ago, the great Feng Shui Masters crafted 11 families of Buddha figurines in precious metals to attract wealth and good fortune to the Emperors of the Great Chinese Dynasties. And today these same figurines, placed as the art of Feng Shui requires, are creating a powerhouse of prosperity for the citizens of China.

The Buddha Family of Plenty is specifically designed to attract luck and money. The Plenty Buddha of Contentment represents a life well lived and a loving nature rewarded with abundance. The Plenty Buddha of Riches knows that when you open yourself up to the gifts of the universe you will receive the benefits. The Plenty Buddha of Love brings the lesson that with the support of love in your life, your blessings will be plentiful. And the Plenty Buddha of Well-being represents the joy of a healthy mind and body. Make this powerful family part of yours today!
Enter your text here...This unique bracelet has the power and energy to help you connect with your own 'Buddha Nature.' 'Buddha Nature' is something we all have within. It's a deep connection to our inner guides. The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddha represented on this bracelet are: the Conch for the sounds of teaching, the Parasol for protection, the Victory Banner for triumph over destructive energies, the Golden Fish for good fortune, the Dharma Wheel for understanding and enlightenment, the Endless Knot for infinite wisdom, the Treasure Vase for longevity and prosperity, and the Lotus Flower for prosperity and abundance.

Exquisitely crafted with an eye to every detail, the 8 Secrets of Buddha Bracelet will dazzle all who see it. But the most important thing is that with this powerful bracelet in your possession, you are equipped to take control of your destiny. It is truly the connection with your personal inner guide that you need right now to find true happiness and success in all your endeavors.
The ancient Chinese Foo Dog is, in fact, a version of a lion. Originally set outside Buddhist temples for protection, they soon became the fierce and loyal guardians of the emperor and high-ranking officials. Regal and powerful in appearance, they became known all over China as the symbol of protection and prosperity. The presence of a Foo Dog guaranteed security and wealth to those who possessed this magical creature.

The enchanting Foo Dog Magical Creature Collectible has been painstakingly designed with attention being paid to the smallest details. He has been beautifully hand-painted in regal hues. He wears an elaborate collar studded with amber-colored crystals. The red crystal-covered ball he plays with represents the union of heaven and earth and his big sparkling eyes have been fashioned from glorious red crystals. Place his precious Goldstone inside of him for positive energy and renewed strength and let his power protect you and bring you prosperity.
This ancient and powerful talisman is exactly what you need to unlock your own latent power to have everything you're missing in your life right now. This exact replica of the 18th Century locket created by the revered Tibetan Monk, Somdej Toh, is steeped in all the protective and wealth attracting power of the original. With it in your possession, you will hold the key to attracting the wealth you deserve, the people who will enhance and enrich your life, and the protection from negative energy. It will enable you to profit from the awesome power of meditation.

Lovingly crafted of Pure Sterling Silver and featuring the seated Buddha in genuine Gold Vermeil, The Thai Buddha Locket is a powerful reminder of the centuries of Buddha blessings that are concentrated within it. When you wear this incredible talisman, you are sending out a powerful signal that you are ready to receive the wealth and success that has eluded you up until now.
The creation of the powerful Mabe Pearl Buddha Amulet is as unique as your own birth. Special experts from a pearl-diving family in the Philippines have to attach a tiny Buddha mold to the inside shell of a special Mabe Oyster. They then wait to see whether the oyster accepts the Buddha. If it does, the oyster nurtures it for up to 2 years creating the stunning Mabe Pearl Buddha. It is then carefully removed and mounted on pure Sterling Silver. There are a very limited number of them available and no two are exactly alike.

In Chinese culture, Mabe Pearl represents prosperity and good luck. They're believed to attract great wealth to those who possess them. The power of the Mabe Pearl and the incredible presence of Buddha is a supremely magical combination of Good Luck Power. You've probably heard the expression, "the world is your oyster" and so it will be with the Mabe Buddha in you possess
There's a very simple way for you to fulfill your potential and get everything you want from life. All you have to do is call on the Archangel Michael who's always standing ready to help make your dreams come true. The Angel Mosaic of Wealth Pendant is the miraculous tool that can connect you to the Archangel Michael. This glowing mosaic is comprised of semi-precious gemstones depicting the Archangel Michael, framed within pure sterling silver. Michael can help you make the connection with your true desire so that you will know instinctively how to attract happiness and security.

The gemstones used to create Michael's mosaic were specifically chosen because they carry their own energy and possess unique special powers. Amethyst offers protection; Carnelian offers success; Peridot helps strengthen your willpower; Opal boosts self esteem. The Angel Mosaic of Wealth will resurrect your deepest desires. The power invested in this pendant is immense. All the components have been chosen with great care to maximize your innate talents and harmonize your energy, so you can clearly see the path you should be following in order to enjoy wealth, success and happiness.
This exclusive pendant has been artistically crafted in pure .925 Sterling Silver and detailed with sparkling Cubic Zirconia. The exquisite design of the mythical Phoenix on the pendant has been layered with genuine 14k Gold to highlight its brilliance and powerful presence. But more important than the undeniable beauty of this spectacular piece of jewelry is its special power to help you rise from the ashes of the current economic crisis to achieve the financial security that is yours to claim.

No matter what happens or how devastating the circumstances, the Phoenix is legendary for rising from the ashes of adversity. When you wear this powerful talisman, this legendary mythical bird will make you invincible and pull you from the depths of despair to a life of prosperity and happiness. This powerful symbol of rebirth and new beginnings is waiting to help you rise to any occasion with determination, confidence and unstoppable power. Rise like the Phoenix and claim the carefree and joyous life that is rightfully yours.
The exquisite beauty of the pure Sterling Silver, Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl Moon Bracelet cannot be denied. But the built-in energies of the materials it is composed of, combined with the magical, symbolic and even practical powers of the moon itself, can help you achieve your dreams and bring you to new levels of joy and fulfillment.

The beautifully crafted Moon Bracelet is comprised of 5 discs set into the Sterling Silver framework. In the center is the Mother of Pearl disc representing the Full Moon. Beside it are the Onyx and Mother of Pearl discs representing the Waxing and Waning Moon. The end settings represent the First and Last Quarter Moons. The magical Moon Bracelet will attract success, wealth and happiness into your life by connecting with the sacred cycles of the moon. The wisest decision would be to make that connection now.
This 18k Gold Vermeil Flower of Life Medallion is so beautiful, you'd wear it even if it wasn't going to change your future - but it will! By holding this special template of wealth close to your heart, you'll have a direct connection to your own personal Angel of Wealth. Use this secret precious angelic instrument to activate your personal energy field and prepare yourself to receive the blessings of your personal angel.

It won't be long before you become successful and start to live the rich and vibrant life you were meant to lead. For centuries, those in the know have been taping into the secret power of the Flower of Life in order lead a successful life filled with riches. Now's your chance to follow in their footsteps and gain what you've always desired. This beautiful medallion also comes with 4 Free Gifts. Don't wait another minute. Open the doorway to your Angel of Wealth with this powerful medallion today.
Now you can carry the luck of one of the most fortuitous days of the year with you all year long. That lucky day is March 17th, also known as St. Patrick's Day. As the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick was known for his use of nature to explain the holy Trinity, and that is how the Shamrock and the four-leaf clover came to be associated with him. And March 17th always falls a few days before the Spring Equinox, a time of an old cycle of bad luck being replaced by a new cycle of good luck.

So it's vital to have the lucky Four-Leaf Clover Pendant, featuring a genuine four-leaf clover embedded in pure Sterling Silver and mounted on genuine Mother of Pearl, in your possession by March 17th. Place it around your neck on that most auspicious of days and the magical powers of the lucky four-leaf clover will keep the luck of March 17th working for you throughout the entire year.
The Golden Carp Talisman is finely crafted in genuine Sterling Silver encased by 14k Gold. A long celebrated symbol of success in Japan, the carp actually originated centuries earlier in China, was known as "Koi" and was revered for its ability to swim upstream. Wear this pendant to awaken your own wonderful "Koi" attributes of courage, strength and determination.

Two carps together are a symbol of unity and the pair in this powerful pendant encircle the potent Chinese symbol for prosperity. The force of these combined ancient symbols will enable you to finally let the journey of your life flow, sparkling and vibrant. The Golden Carp Talisman also comes with 3 Free Gifts. With this amazing Talisman in your possession, you'll be amazed as your newfound courage brings a cascade of success and good fortune into your life.
The beautiful silver Sacred Celtic Cross Bell is highlighted with the Ancient Celtic Cross, the Cross of Prosperity. This revered cross, with its roots in the antiquity of Ireland, stands out as having its history grounded deep in the earliest cultural memories of the European people. Yet, it is still alive as a sacred symbol of faith. The power of this cross can bring prosperity into your life now, so that you may us it for the good of yourself and others.

For some Celtic tribes, the cross’s circle was symbolic of the Sun, while the arms were the four cardinal directions. The Celtic Cross came to mean that home was anywhere under the sun and this gave them an incredible feeling of comfort and reassurance. The Sacred Celtic Cross Bell is an extraordinary totem that can harness the natural forces to bring an organic flow of abundance into your life. You can call on this bell with its powerful symbol to draw vital energies and resources to you now. It is not only beautiful, but it is also an exceptional sacred totem with a rich history.
Angels are all around us every single day. They are there just waiting for us to call out to them for their help and guidance. But it’s up to us to reach out to them in order to benefit from their blessed miracles for a better life, a life free of struggle and care. The Heavenly Cross of Angels is a sacred tool that makes it easier for you to connect with the realm of the angels in order to benefit from their miracles for a better life, one filled with riches and joy.

This extraordinary cross has been beautifully designed and crafted from pure .925 Sterling Silver. Each of the four arms of this unique cross has been studded with exquisite Swarovski Crystals that sparkle and cast a magical glow through their diamond-clear color. There are 25 dazzling crystals in total. But to make the connection with the realm of the angels even stronger, the cross features a large square Moonstone, with an amazing translucent beauty. The Moonstone is known to have a special energy for connecting to angels. Make your angel connection today by bringing the Heavenly Cross of Angels into your life.
Many different cultures throughout time have embraced the owl as a symbol of good fortune, protection, wisdom and insight. The Native Americans looked upon the owl as a protector against harm and the owl's feathers were ritually worn to ward off evil spirits. To Ancient Athenians the owl was an emblem of wisdom and they even emblazoned the image of the owl on their coinage. To the ancient Greeks, the owl was a symbol of Athena, Goddess of foresight and knowledge.

This spectacular golden Magical Owl perches on his own golden tree branch. He watches over you with his huge luminous crystal eyes. His beautifully detailed form is covered from head to tail with sparkling clear crystals that are reflective of the moon's glow that he's known to sit beneath. He brings you his insight and wisdom that are magnified by the energy of the moon he flies beneath. He also comes with a powerful Fluorite precious stone for you to place inside your Magical Owl. Fluorite is known to be excellent for opening inner doors of perception to yourself and others around you, so it is the perfect gemstone to enhance the powers of your Magical Owl. Give him a special perch in your home and watch how your fortunes grow.
The Golden Year of the Ox is an exceptional event in Chinese astrology that only comes along every 60 years and has the power to provide unprecedented wealth opportunities. Some people whose names you may recognize who have benefited from its auspicious power are President Barack Obama, Walt Disney, Bill Cosby, Meryl Streep, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen. They were all born under the sign of the Year of the Ox. Now with the help of the Golden Year of the Ox Talisman, you too can reap great rewards.

Expertly crafted in rich 18k Gold layered over .925 Sterling Silver, this stunning talisman also features a Golden Ingot inscribed with the Chinese characters that read, “Bring wealth into your pocket.” The Golden Ingot itself has a shape similar to a boat, symbolizing abundance and an easy life. Your days of smooth sailing could be just around the corner. Your pendant comes with 3 Free Gifts. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to benefit from this powerful pendant and all it can bring you.
To attract the biggest rewards that can make your life comfortable and carefree, you need to get the "Power of 8" on your side. That's where the Bracelet of Divine Mysticism comes in. Psychically "tuned" to the number 8 - the number of real Power, serious Money and lasting Good Luck - it's designed to attract and secure all kinds of Wealth (material, emotional and spiritual). With its 8 mystical charms and 8 magical crystals, it could bring you great good fortune and change your life forever.

The 8 charms bring love and affection; truth and honesty; the granting of wishes; the blessings of good fortune; and the magnetism to attract success in everything you do. The 8 colorful crystals represent the following: Pink for love and harmony; Flame for passion and energy; Turquoise for honesty and truth; Aquamarine for clarity of mind; Citrine for great wealth; Amethyst for emotional balance; Topaz Blue for health and well-being; and Deep Rose for an open, receptive and joyful spirit. This amazing bracelet puts winning power right in your hands.
Throughout time, the most powerful magicians and holy men have known that if you bless the main door to your home and use a mighty protective symbol, no harm will come to you. The Blessed Door Protector, created in the powerful image of the Heart, symbol of love and affection, can not only repel bad luck and misfortune, it can bring good luck, blessings and great happiness while protecting all the love that surrounds you.

Many cultures in many lands have discovered and used the power of protective devices to ward off bad and attract good. The Feng Shui masters of China knew the importance of creating a good flow of positive good luck energy into our homes. The Jewish people hang Mezuzah on their front doors for protection and the Europeans started the tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the door for good luck. Make the Heart Blessed Door Protector your home's constant guardian.
This beautiful bracelet has four separate cartouches, designed with the most powerful hieroglyphic symbols to protect and liberate four precious areas of your life: Wealth, Happiness, Success and Health. Each cartouche has been lovingly engraved using the same sacred symbols that have protected and brought success to numerous figures of power in ancient Egypt, from Pharaohs to Kings.

Because it is finely crafted in 14k Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver - the perfect alloy to channel its ancient and ethereal powers - its mystical secrets and the wisdom of thousands of years will flood your life with unprecedented abundance. The Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune also comes with 3 very special Free Gifts. Isn't it time to let the Golden Glyphs of Good Fortune Bracelet encircle your life in a patina of success and change?
You probably didn't know this, but your astrological sign corresponds with another powerful sign in the Ancient Egyptian Zodiac. Each of the 12 signs of the Egyptian Zodiac is tied to a powerful God or Goddess including: Satet (Aries), Apis (Taurus), Thot (Gemini), Khonsou (Cancer), Sekmet (Leo), Osiris (Virgo), Maat (Libra), Selket (Scorpio), Nephtys (Sagittarius), Anubis (Capricorn), Nout (Aquarius) and Neith (Pisces).

A Cartouche is actually an oval figure in Ancient Egypt that contains a hieroglyphic inscription that spells out royal or divine names. Each of the Precious Egyptian Birthday Cartouches is beautifully crafted of pure Sterling Silver encased in 18k Gold and features a powerful Precious Stone that relates to its particular God or Goddess. The Cartouche will magnify the energy of the constellation and the magical power of Gold and the Precious Stone many times over. Your Egyptian Birthday Cartouche is waiting to work its wonders. It also makes a wonderful gift.
The Cuff of 3 Mythical Forces, cast in pure .925 Sterling Silver with its 3 powerful medallions encased in pure Gold, holds the secret to transforming you into one of the super rich among us. It's not only a stunning piece of jewelry, but it is also steeped in power that has built up over thousands of years that can help you to obtain the ultimate success in life.
The Cuff's 3 medallions feature the Dragon, symbol of power and success, the Phoenix, representing rebirth and resurrection and the Turtle, symbol of protection. These 3 powerful creatures in Chinese mythology are working together here to transform you into one of the most successful individuals on the planet. It also comes with 3 very special Free Gifts. The Cuff of 3 Mythical Forces is waiting to unleash its special powers and count you among the super rich.
Discover a unique and precious center of love power. It takes the sacred shape of a heart, which is an ancient symbol going back thousands of years. This delicate and intriguing heart-shaped pewter box has been elegantly crafted and intricately detailed with a magical motif covering the surface of its sides and top. Its lid features a heart within a heart design and there’s a brilliant sparkling clear crystal in the center of the inner heart.

The magic of this “Radiant Heart of love & Success” box continues with the surprising element of the inner heart lifting out of the lid to be revealed as a lovely heart-shaped pendant to be worn. So, not only is this exclusive creation an exquisite heart-shaped box, but it’s also a stunning heart-shaped pendant, allowing you to carry the ‘Power of Love’ (that this magical box infused into the pendant) with you everywhere you go. It also comes with an energizing genuine Rose Quartz Crystal to be placed inside of the box in order to help you connect with your Heart Chakra. Start your journey down the path of love and success today.
Throughout time, love has been immortalized in music, poems, literature, paintings, sculptures...basically in every form in existence for humans to express their feelings artistically. Love is a powerful emotion and it has a transformative effect on humankind. It is sought after and coveted by those who struggle to find it, cherished and treasured by those who are fortunate enough to obtain it. If you are one of those who is seeking love, or even seeking to keep the love you already have in your life, the Miraculous Cross of Love is what you need now.

This dazzling cross has been beautifully designed and crafted from pure, glistening .925 Sterling Silver. The four arms of the Miraculous Cross of Love are bejeweled with 18 sparkling Swarovski Crystals in brilliant ruby red. The color red could not be more appropriate for this cross of love because as everyone knows, red is the color of passion. The color red has an energy and seductiveness that is a natural magnet for love. The crowning jewel of the cross however is the large heart-shaped clear Swarovski Crystal that forms its center. This dazzling heart of clear crystal radiates the purity of the miraculous love that’s been handed down from the angels to mere mortals to enjoy. Your Miraculous Cross of Love is waiting to carry you away on the wings of love
Being born under your specific birth sign has endowed you with a unique combination of talents and abilities that give you an advantage in being able to make your dreams realities. This powerful good luck amulet, your astrological Wish Pendant, holds at it's core your very own semi-precious birthstone and it's the key to empowering those talents and abilities you were born with to bring you your heart's desires.

The wishbone is the center core of a bird and it is what enables the bird to take flight. This powerful symbol, combined with your lucky semi-precious birthstone is what you need to make your own wishes and dreams take flight. Made of pure sterling silver encased in genuine gold and featuring your very own semi-precious birthstone, this is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it's also a powerful amulet that will serve you well. Don't miss this opportunity to have your dreams take flight and become realities.
The cross has been a powerful and enduring symbol of the faithful for centuries. It has been cherished and revered as a sacred symbol with the ability to offer protection and miracles for a better life. The Sacred Cross of Blessings is based on the Roman Cross. One of the most well-known and acknowledged forms of the cross in existence, it has been bringing comfort to people world-wide since ancient times. Its four arms reach in the four directions, embracing and reaching out to all four corners of the earth. The ancient Romans made it the glorified and protective symbol of their entire empire. With so many people throughout history relying on the power of the cross to bring them miracles, don’t you think it’s the perfect time for you to do the same? And now you can with the Sacred Cross of Blessings.

This sacred cross has been meticulously designed and crafted from pure .925 Sterling Silver. The entire surface of this beautiful cross has been covered in an elegant display of delicate Swarovski Crystals that are diamond clear in color and dazzling to the eye. The purity of the silver and the clear crystals add their own positive energies and forces of what is good in the universe to help the innate powers of the cross itself to bring you the blessings you deserve
We're influenced everyday by the unique constellation of our astrological sign. But we're also influenced by the special energies and dynamic powers of the birthstone that corresponds to our birth sign. These precious stones hold the secret energy of the universe to transform our lives, but only if we keep them with us at all times.

That's why you need to wear the Birthstone of Fortune Pendant and Earrings Set to keep that energy and power ever present. Choose: Aries/Cubic Zirconia, Taurus/Emerald, Gemini/Pearl, Cancer/Ruby, Leo/Peridot, Virgo/Sapphire, Libra/Opal, Scorpio/Topaz, Sagittarius/Turquoise, Capricorn/Garnet, Aquarius/Amethyst, Pisces/Aquamarine. The beautiful and powerful stones are set in 14k Gold Plate. The set makes a great gift too!
The Circles of Wealth Necklace features 5 life-altering Chinese characters crafted of pure Sterling Silver. It's highlighted with a lustrous Black Onyx drop. The Necklace's 5 characters attract the blessings of Happiness, Wealth, Good Fortune, Longevity, and Love. These powerful symbols can turn your life around, making it the successful and rich life you have always dreamed of living.

Together, these powerful ancient Chinese symbols could bring you an avalanche of riches. This necklace is not only an object of dazzling beauty, but it's also an instrument of great power. The amazing power of the 5 ancient Chinese symbols is made even more powerful by the energy of the Sterling Silver from which they have been crafted. Don't miss this opportunity to have these forces for positive change bring you the spectacular riches awaiting you
Temple Lions date back to ancient China, where they stood guard at the entrances to the homes of the rich and powerful, warding off negative energies and attracting good fortune. They nobly stand guard even at the Gate of Celestial Purity in the famous Forbidden City located in Beijing, China. When seeking harmony and prosperity you need to have unobstructed flow of energy in your home and placing these Temple Lions on either side of the entrance to your home guarantees this.

These beautifully hand-painted Temple Lions, with their muscular bodies and ferocious faces are intimidating enough to ward off any and all negative influences. The male Temple Lion embodies the strong male energy Yang and the ball under his paw represents the “Flower of Life.” The female Temple Lion embodies the strong female energy of Yin and the lion cub under her paw represents the “Cycle of Life.” The harmonious balance of Yin and Yang energies of these two Temple Lions is known to attract great wealth — make it work for you.
temple lion Figurines $59.95
The 9 most powerful talismans on earth, combining the energy of their symbols, colors and design to bring you all the blessings the universe has to offer. Based in centuries of use by the most revered shamans, magicians and holy men, these talismans have been crafted in the base colors of pure Silver and 24k Gold, the two most potent metals on earth.

The 9 Power Talismans each have a specific power to bring you Wealth, Love, Luck, Protection, Vitality and Success. It took 30 years of finding and testing hundreds upon hundreds of fascinating charms from around the world to create these 9 Power Talismans by combining just the right combinations of symbols, colors and designs. There is an extremely limited number of these precious Talismans, so don't delay and request yours today.
9 Power Talisman
Items are available in gold plated,silver,gold 18-24k . Gold by speciality orders.